Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another birthdays party

Not really party.. celebrated with Family.. all here.. thanks to my parent, farid (the cake) and fatimah (your plaseure time). Had a great Lunch at Amarin Heavenly Thai, Midvalley.. Really thank to En. Saiful Manager of AHT for his suprise.. to En. Saiful, you are very gorgeous...

Friday, April 23, 2010

April 2010

Memang aku tahu April 2010 belum berakhir, tp, April kali ini sudah cukup meletihkan aku, Aku sampai Malaysia 6 30 am 31th March 2010, All my family amik kt airport, bergegas pulang, Faraidkn hadiah for them. Then trus jumpe Prof Kesayangan ku Sarani Zakaria, bincang punyer bincang, ader lagi labs work yang dia suh aku buat, xper la.. buat jer la.. berakhirlah March 2010.

27th March : With Gisele at Epinal Gare.

Bermula la April :

1st April 2010 : Report Duty as Research Officer at Malaysia Nuclear Agency

3th April 2010 : Suzana n Jali 's wedding (Batu Pahat)

at Suzana n Jali's wedding

6th April 2010 : 1st Meeting with Ketua Pengarah MINT, for department yang kene join

7th April 2010 : Reprot Duty At Radiation Technology dept. Dr Khairul sangat Cute..

Note 6th - 9th April Aidah Nadya came from Terengganu and stay with me.

9th April 2010 : Send aidah to serembah.. jumpe BF dia.. Huuahauha

10th April 2010 : Kne teman Siti Fatimah, join the farawell party ofismate dia..
Wetland Putrajaya
with Fatimah Ofismate

11th April 2010 : Lunch with all sibling at Amarin Heavenly Thai Midvelley

12th -20th April 2010 : Generic Tranning Cause for Research Officer
Sgt2 penat.. here i know all RO

17th April 2010 : Artika's Wedding Melaka
19th April 2010 : My 25th Birthday @ Fullhouse Lifestyle store & Cafe, Jalan Yapm Kuan Seng