Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hye.. yup a super dupper big gathering on my father's side.. all my father's cousin came to my mak long house at Parit Unas, Muar Johor. there were a little bit tragic gathering episode happened, two of my father cousin (there a brothers) didn't met each other more than 20 years. it happened of the hard of live before, their mother died when they still kids and they need to separate with other uncle and unties to continues their live.

Banner : my father is Mohamad bin Hasrin bin Abdullah. All Adullah grandchildren gathering.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fath and NPP

NPP stand for Nuclear Power Programme, I've been selected to attended Train The Trainers NPP Public Communicator at Puteri Resort Malacca. It really out of my work routine coz i from non-energy division. The training content were so tough to understand but basic they ask us to create good 'word' based on difference stakeholder. I don't have really good ideal to write about this coz i still reading a few books to understand more about NPP. The implimentation NPP are something realistic but how we going to get the public awareness?

Me, En. Saba, Ms. Adlina and Ms. Sheery
(These 3 person had involve this project about afew years, so we can call them as nuclear Power expect in Malaysia.)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

TableTennis Vs Fath

This weekend made my day smile. i represent Nuclear Malaysia in TableTennis Tournement. Organized by Kimia Malaysia. It also know as Sukan MOSTI. It happend when i heard they tranning for this games last Friday. I just came and have fun, suddenly En. Nazrul asked me whether i can play or not, of couse la not kn and he sawme playying and he said we were lack of ladies players. so he put my name in the list. OK. i insisted gurl to followed me to the tournament. The games took place at Dewan Bola Tampar MBSA, Seksyen 4 Shah Alam. It a long day for me since i not enuf sleep. But after finish the 1st round we qualified for semi final. OMG.. I so suprise because they are another 5 team in my group. we are 1st runner up in my group. but we lose at semi final but we win for the 3dr place over MOSTI team. Ok Nuclear Malaysia team at 3rd place!

Maya, CC azimah, Me and Miemie.. Our team after win the 3rd place

May, me and miemie the next day recieved the bronze medal..

I told my mother that my team at the 3rd place, my mother said.. u beat team 'org cacat' that why u win.. hauhauhauha

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kmar and Pale Wedding at Ledang

This is awesome wedding, Kmar an Petronas Eng. and her husband Army Captain. the wedding held at school hall where my mother last service. So sweet, event everything simple. gurl and i drove all the way from kajang around 1230.. coz u can't manage to woke up early since the Tawau trip made us soooo tired. at the end of the wedding of course la outdoor photo session. offer my grany house since it is very nice and they become the 1st bride and bridegroom take the picture there. the pictures so0000 beautiful.. Share some of the pictures.

with the girlfriends
Create new life together.. congrat..

Love this Pic so much...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tawau, Sabah Trips

Ok.. this is not vacation trip, event i went with gurl. this is my 1st trip to Tawau, Sabah which is unplanned. i receives call from en. Azhar Anuar. one of the young CEO in Malaysia. I was introduce to this guy through En. Aidil. Officer from Sabah Soft Wood Sdn. Bhd. This is regarding on commercialization my finding in my MSc Research. I so happy at first. but there are many thing to do before it become reality. yup.. fantasy are easy.

This trip purposely to see the real plantation of Acaica Mangium and th real of barks(Wastes) from this plantation. the visiting it so tough. i wear my 2 1/5 inch Lewre wedges. But allway try my best to fell the environment. it is really nice and i love wood so much.

with gurl in air asia filght KL-Tawau.. almost 3H

Acacia Mangium Palntatation

At chip Mill Factory

With En. Aidil. Discus Something regarding the barks status

Friday, November 5, 2010

Nuclear Malaysia Innovation Day 2010

Also 1st time attend this innovation day, but this time the event were open for public. alot of student from school come to see the facilities and the innovation happened?on going in Nuclear Malaysia. There were two research get into this competitions. and finally.... WE WON THE GRAND PRIZE. Congrat to En. Hilmi, Samsul and the group. We won 1000Myr. event i didn't dothid research, i still get the portion from the grandprize. Thanks en. Hilmi.

The Group of researcher who won the grand prize.
with Young and energetic Nuclear Malaysia researchers

with salzali.. Material researcher in nuclear malaysia

last but not lease.. Gurl with the trophy. she felt the excited more than us!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Workshop on Green wood Coating

This workshop was organize between Nuclear Malaysia, Malaysia Timber Industry Board and Bayer Material Sciences Sdn. Bhd. Most of the participants come from indutrial in wood coating. From nuclear Malaysia only Hamzah and I. During this, the 3 speakers from Bayer present their new finding in wood coating and in the afternoon we had demo session which was held at my office, Block 42.

i tried to teach participant from MTIB on Glossmetre, huhuhuhu..

En. Fazli (MTIB) and I before the demo session start

Monday, October 18, 2010

Seminar R&D 2010

Seminar R&D, Nuclear Agency of Malaysia. My Big22 bis said this is like a big celebration days for all researchers. more than 100 researchers present their research discover.

Date : 12- 15 October 2010
Vanue : Dewan Tun Dr Ismail, Block 11, Agency Nuclear of Malaysia.

I present a poster on my master research project. it work to raise my name. but i didn't put all my effort to create extractive poster. but is ok. it 1st trial. but i manage to attented all seasion of presentation event ot really to tuff ti hear something i really can't understand. But here i can see many of the Handsome, Gorgeous and Smart Guy Researcher which i can see them during working day because i from the other complex. Flirt!

One of the interesting presentation from Dr. Wan Saffiey, person who give me a opportunity to be Nuclear Agency researcher (he interviewed me!) .
Title : Light Wavelength Correlation on thr effect of Hair Growth

Since in Nuclear Malaysia most of the oldest research BALD and alot of white hair, show that they really work! Some pic to share

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Open House Zulkeadah

OK. LAST about open house this year. this year i feel aidilfitri really fast anyway fro us. my cousin and his wife invited us for thier house at Balakong. We went there after zuhur, but last minute my beloved cousin syazana call and need us to pick up her sister aqilah at UNITEN. Not a big deals since UNITEN is 10 minute from our hour. When three of us arrived many og my family members there, pak itam family, ili najat, along ina family and also Siti Fatimah.

Ikhwan yang semakin besar!
How to be a cute girls!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Aidilfitri end and zulkaedah coming. Open house here and there, but this year not really pack as last last since farhan working on Saturday and this year i can't manage to organize my open house, gurl said she sooo busy to finish her thesis write up. Here some of the open house that gurl and i attended.
Lim Kok Wing ex-Student, Thanks to Airyn for the inviatation event gurl is not their lec anymore.

OPEN HOUSE at Radiation Processing and ALORTRON at Nuclear Agency of Malaysia. This is first time i celebrate with them. Aloooootttsss of foooood. but the place sooooo hot and i can't avoid myself sweat like rain.huuuhu.

Fatahiyah, Dr. Ainul, My beloved Boss Dr.Khairul Zaman and Gurl. My big bos open house. It the last day of syawal We were invited to her house at Sec 3, Bandar Baru Bangi. Thank to Dr. Khairul and the family. Nice Food Served!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Nuclear Malaysia Open House

This is 1st time celebrate hari raye at nuclear malaysia, every department have their own stall, my department prepared mee kaji. Not bad... Start with morning assembly and continuous until around 1 Pm. This is the right time to wish hari raye to all nuclear malaysia staff, and this is the best place to introduce your self. event no one want to know me.

with My beloved Boss, Dr.Khairul and Mr. Samsul

Nazran, Me and Fathi.. Other RO at Nuclear Malaysia

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Aloy's wedding at Tanjung Malim

Tahniah for aloy and his wife on thier wedding, aloy nie 1 year younger than me. Dia ni close friend remy since UKM until UDE, Duisburg. i went with remy, since dia nk pick up and farhan working that day. Don't worry, i ask for permission from farhan before i go. Balik, stop at Pau Yik Mun, Remy suka makan Pau, bought frozen pau for gurl.

1st pic snap mase baru2 sampai..

with UDE graduated and UDE students (sajer jer nk menyibok!)

With UKM Mechanical Eng. Graduated..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

27th Birthday celebration

Dear my sister, happybirthday!! last 19 Sept was my kak long birthday, we managed to made suprise party for her. celebrated at The Italiannies, The Garden. Credit to Afni (Gurl cousemate at uum for this picture).

Italiannies, The Garden

The foods... Highly recommended!

Look at the twin.. at 25 year old, still wearing same top,jean,watch!

Thanks! Afni,Gurl,Najat(cousin)The Birthday girl, me and Farhan

Friday, September 17, 2010

Aidilfitri 2010

Selamat Hari raye!.. menulis blog ini still mood raye sambil mendengar lagu raya. Aidilfitri 2010 agak suram walaupun mak su and family beraya at Sungai Mati. This raye my little brother, farid tidak pulang beraye bersama kami kerana sedang pratical di atas kapal KD Kedah at Sabah. So my mother tak excited sgt nk raya. but it ok, we still went bact to my father hometown, muar jugak.

Purple Mood, Aidifitri 2010

Seperti biase,3 Syawal adalah hari yang paling busy. Open House@ CMJ Open House, Estimate around 15000 people come. Thanks to my Senior GG cama on that day. Sepupu-sepupu will join, slalunye serve the kueh raye because that my mother need to arrange it. Really enjoy! Selagi Pak Ngah CMJ, we enjoy and that the only day yang all my mother relative came.

with GG, and my cousins

Semlm blk KL, Baru perasan my sunglass hilang and yang paling pening, my wallet hilang. semlm before blk kne pe BalaiPolis Sungai Mati, lodge report, Habis sume duit raye.. SEDEH...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Buka Puase

Long time didn't update this blog, i would like to combine about beautiful breaking fast with all friends.

1st at my Office, Malaysia Nuclear Agency, This is my 1st year here, and very excited to bring farhan and gurl to join us. Early warning for farhan to cameback early.He manage to did it, I love you baby! and thanks to gurl also because choose to follow me rather than go with kak long. but i so suprise because am like the one representative of RO from my division, not even my manager my director also not around. the food not so extractive.

we didn't took many pic,gurl and i

2nd, with my mahaad muar x-schoolmate. since last last it happended at Shah Alam, now turn Bangi become the 'tuan rumah'. WongSolo Restaurant at syeksen 9 Bangi. But the foo sooooo Hot. Af couse la farhan like it so much. Thanks to Ieda as a organizer since dia pn mcm mls2 jer..

Wong Solo Restaurant, Bangi

Thanks to Prof Md. Ali bring us Break fast At Senja Restaurant, The Saujana Subang. He is gurl supervisor and very smart, iyer la he is the only Accounting Prof at UPM. Tha foods very nice not reallu crowded and the surau also near any very convenience.

The food server in stall concept

See The Kambing Golek! Farhan Love it so much

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wood Coating and Finishing at Faculty of Forestry UPM

This is the 3rd time i attend Wood Coating and Finishing at Faculty of forestry UPM by Prof. Madya Dr. Paidah Tahir, sebenarnye i yg insist nk pe this class since i don't have any coating background, and initially my derictor x supportive sgt sbb dia prefer i attend radiation chemistry class, maner nk cari kt Malaysia? then at last setelah memujuk dia agree. i will attend this class for 1 semester, it very helping me to know about coating material expe in characteristic those material. when in this class i agree with my director who always said 'ilmu yang sedikit' from me. mmg byk bende i need to learn.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

2 pairs from TIAMO

I am so happy coz i manage to buy 2 pairs shoes, iyer la being GOV officer kne pakai cover shoes and most of is not really styles as i want. but luckyly last evening i went to Garden Mall and this shop having their pre-renovation sale. i just walk in and try a few pairs that i like and the size still available.

White and Green.. Love it so much!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Berbuka at Sri Ayutthaya..

Sat farhan parc 1/2 day jer tu pn 3 pm bru sampai umah, and he promise nk buka puase bersam-same, iyer la barubrape kali jer dpt buka puase sesame. and he said to be fair, dia nk pilih restaurant. Mula2 bg dia a fews suggestion, tp semuanyer dia x berkenan coz semuanya kt dlm shoppingmall, mmg la pilih dkt smopping mall sbb then bleh cuci-cuci mata kan. Dengan kuase veto dia berkeras mahu berbuka di Sri Ayutthaya Restaurant at area Damasara Height.Farhan ckpthe food here more spices than Amarin Heavenly Thai which fadhilah and i addicted to eat. I so happy because he treat me like a Princess. Here some Pic

Just arrived, smpai awal sbb x reserve kn

Drink : Manggo and Orange Jus..

Kerabu Mangga: Baby Sotong : Kerapu and Seafood Tom Yam

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1st Bersahur and berbuka..

Bersahur dan berbuka. It a compulsory for Muslim during Ramadhan. 1st day sahur and berbuka, i alone because Farhan went back to Rantau. And 2nd day, missed sahur and berbuka at Tony Romas at Pavilion with Fairul Farhan. Iyer la, last site farhan at Grand Hayyat, and the parking park just next Pavillion, and i the one yg kne meredah jam dalam hujan. and i nerver get the oppoutunity to berbuka puase bersama Farhan. I hope there will a series of berbuka puase with friends so that i can bring farhan and fadhilah together.

Fried Mushroom and drinks for starter

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vitiligo and Phototerapy at HKL

Ia... sy ader vitiligo since 2 years ago, and coz of my mother very concern about that, i need to get phototrerapy (UV A), at HKL twice a week. now dh almost 10 times berulang Bangi-HKL. Mula2 my manager quit not supportive since it twice aweek and will disturb my work. but lucky my director give that permission. when i there,i feel thank full because among of them, my vilitogo is the smallest, at endorse by the Miss Ann the phototrapist there, and she said mine because of cosmetic effect, yup.. i get if because one of the cosmetic contain whitening essen (it a branded, not cheap cosmetic). My mother sometimes condemn me because of this, but i keep it as challenging in my life. But, somepeople x perasan because i slalu put some concealer on it.. and because of this i learn make-up since itnever be my concern. huhuhuhu.. This trearment once become blister, it very pain and i can't go out under the sunshine, now it increase the dose to 12min and can increase up to 20 mnt. Sure after that, muka jd panas and i must remember tu put the sunblock, if not sure over expose and blister again.

Last Friday, Boring and i took some picture to upload here