Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kmar and Pale Wedding at Ledang

This is awesome wedding, Kmar an Petronas Eng. and her husband Army Captain. the wedding held at school hall where my mother last service. So sweet, event everything simple. gurl and i drove all the way from kajang around 1230.. coz u can't manage to woke up early since the Tawau trip made us soooo tired. at the end of the wedding of course la outdoor photo session. offer my grany house since it is very nice and they become the 1st bride and bridegroom take the picture there. the pictures so0000 beautiful.. Share some of the pictures.

with the girlfriends
Create new life together.. congrat..

Love this Pic so much...


mohammad said...

salam ziarah

Puan D0T said...

haha....cntik..nasib rumah aku jauh dari rumah kau!!