Sunday, June 27, 2010

Excited on horse riding..

Yup, mmg la since blk dr france aku excited for riding, but cuace kt cnie slalu mengecewakn aku, semlm(sunday), pepagi aku bgn and pergi equin park, hujan, class cancel, then excited punya pasal kul 430 ptg aku pn pergi lg, area quit wet, but class still on. Gembira la sya.. after 1 hour, ader la mamat iran yang kononnye pro, nk bertekak dgn instractor, x abs2 ckp kuda yang salah, at the end of his clas(aku still riding), dia mlas nk angkat kon, and horse dia langgar la and make a qiut wired sound, akhirnya kuda aku yang terkejut. bile terkejut terlompat la(ala-ala nk jumping). aku tercampak and terjatuh tersembab ketanah, sgt pantas berlaku. untuk pulang, saya terpakse call gurl and farhan to fetch me...Now i am suffer from the pain. MC dua hari. semoga saya cepat sembuh. but this is not the end of my riding.

Friday, June 11, 2010


As everyone know, i a RO at MNA, and also GOV officer, mmg la became RO kne keep learning everyday and pe la tranning and dgr talk from famous Prof from around the world. but thus entry nk tell about one tranning on teknoprenur ( spelling yg telah di Malay kn). 2 day.. Many input, for me this tranning will guide me as new RO to do research on sumthing have cormercial value not only to become Busswoman. But Opposite with my Big Boss, he said this is not for me, but for those yang dh ader product for commercial. Obviously for senior RO la kn. Effect from that, next teknoprenur tranning x bleh pergi. sedeh kn.. erm..ader la hikmah nye kn... Jini pun mengalami nasib yang samer..

Fath, Kak Suzie and beloved Jini

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


1st.. to Nasrol and Wife.. 5 june 2010, attened their wedding at teluk intan, perak

2nd.. to my schoolmate : Maryam and Zaki,

also Lily and her husband..

3rd... To NANI, MENTOR 4, qualified semi final.. we will VOTE for you!!!