Saturday, October 23, 2010

Workshop on Green wood Coating

This workshop was organize between Nuclear Malaysia, Malaysia Timber Industry Board and Bayer Material Sciences Sdn. Bhd. Most of the participants come from indutrial in wood coating. From nuclear Malaysia only Hamzah and I. During this, the 3 speakers from Bayer present their new finding in wood coating and in the afternoon we had demo session which was held at my office, Block 42.

i tried to teach participant from MTIB on Glossmetre, huhuhuhu..

En. Fazli (MTIB) and I before the demo session start

Monday, October 18, 2010

Seminar R&D 2010

Seminar R&D, Nuclear Agency of Malaysia. My Big22 bis said this is like a big celebration days for all researchers. more than 100 researchers present their research discover.

Date : 12- 15 October 2010
Vanue : Dewan Tun Dr Ismail, Block 11, Agency Nuclear of Malaysia.

I present a poster on my master research project. it work to raise my name. but i didn't put all my effort to create extractive poster. but is ok. it 1st trial. but i manage to attented all seasion of presentation event ot really to tuff ti hear something i really can't understand. But here i can see many of the Handsome, Gorgeous and Smart Guy Researcher which i can see them during working day because i from the other complex. Flirt!

One of the interesting presentation from Dr. Wan Saffiey, person who give me a opportunity to be Nuclear Agency researcher (he interviewed me!) .
Title : Light Wavelength Correlation on thr effect of Hair Growth

Since in Nuclear Malaysia most of the oldest research BALD and alot of white hair, show that they really work! Some pic to share

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Open House Zulkeadah

OK. LAST about open house this year. this year i feel aidilfitri really fast anyway fro us. my cousin and his wife invited us for thier house at Balakong. We went there after zuhur, but last minute my beloved cousin syazana call and need us to pick up her sister aqilah at UNITEN. Not a big deals since UNITEN is 10 minute from our hour. When three of us arrived many og my family members there, pak itam family, ili najat, along ina family and also Siti Fatimah.

Ikhwan yang semakin besar!
How to be a cute girls!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Aidilfitri end and zulkaedah coming. Open house here and there, but this year not really pack as last last since farhan working on Saturday and this year i can't manage to organize my open house, gurl said she sooo busy to finish her thesis write up. Here some of the open house that gurl and i attended.
Lim Kok Wing ex-Student, Thanks to Airyn for the inviatation event gurl is not their lec anymore.

OPEN HOUSE at Radiation Processing and ALORTRON at Nuclear Agency of Malaysia. This is first time i celebrate with them. Aloooootttsss of foooood. but the place sooooo hot and i can't avoid myself sweat like rain.huuuhu.

Fatahiyah, Dr. Ainul, My beloved Boss Dr.Khairul Zaman and Gurl. My big bos open house. It the last day of syawal We were invited to her house at Sec 3, Bandar Baru Bangi. Thank to Dr. Khairul and the family. Nice Food Served!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Nuclear Malaysia Open House

This is 1st time celebrate hari raye at nuclear malaysia, every department have their own stall, my department prepared mee kaji. Not bad... Start with morning assembly and continuous until around 1 Pm. This is the right time to wish hari raye to all nuclear malaysia staff, and this is the best place to introduce your self. event no one want to know me.

with My beloved Boss, Dr.Khairul and Mr. Samsul

Nazran, Me and Fathi.. Other RO at Nuclear Malaysia