Monday, October 18, 2010

Seminar R&D 2010

Seminar R&D, Nuclear Agency of Malaysia. My Big22 bis said this is like a big celebration days for all researchers. more than 100 researchers present their research discover.

Date : 12- 15 October 2010
Vanue : Dewan Tun Dr Ismail, Block 11, Agency Nuclear of Malaysia.

I present a poster on my master research project. it work to raise my name. but i didn't put all my effort to create extractive poster. but is ok. it 1st trial. but i manage to attented all seasion of presentation event ot really to tuff ti hear something i really can't understand. But here i can see many of the Handsome, Gorgeous and Smart Guy Researcher which i can see them during working day because i from the other complex. Flirt!

One of the interesting presentation from Dr. Wan Saffiey, person who give me a opportunity to be Nuclear Agency researcher (he interviewed me!) .
Title : Light Wavelength Correlation on thr effect of Hair Growth

Since in Nuclear Malaysia most of the oldest research BALD and alot of white hair, show that they really work! Some pic to share

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