Sunday, March 30, 2014

Aziah and Lim Birthday at Landmark Hotel Batu Pahat

29th March, its very difficult to get all my love gf in one time. It suppose to be full gathering after last uyyun's wedding...  This is Aziah and Lim birthdays. Surprise only for lim coz last 2 year birthday kantoi.. so the theme been decided by  Aziah. Blue and Green. 
No one hav any ideal about place, party shop and cake as well. Thanks so Sudin help us suggested all of this. With not much argument, we choose Landmark Hotel coffee house. the place we need were good food, privacy and good service... everythings here... recommended!!

Among the earliest arrived. Sorry to aziah and family coz they hav to wait for us for 2 hour. 

This cake special order from Mal, Ayie's wife ( our favorite photographer) 

Thanks to Syed and Pdah, bring lim to us, and she really surprise saw us in the coffee house. until she cries. I know lim u miss us too.. oh.. mmg drama.. of course i pn menagis.

My love. Kmar and Azua is not around. last minute cancel. As i told my previous entry about eda's birthday.. Akid will always birthday boy.. hahaahha kesian lim

Cake cutting... Oh akid... 

The twin with birthday girl and my love Mok

2nd generation of GF.  

Our small family getting bigger..