Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dr. Aziah & Zakie wedding : Nikah

This entry had been in draft mode for 2 weeks. I really want to write about it. I dun hav enuf time. look really busy yeah.. but actually i not really well, so in that condition my body need rest.. so i sleep,sleep and sleep.
This entry is a about another GF, Dr Aziah and Mohd Zakie solemnization. GF theme was in purple. I didn't prepare new cloth, just wear purple kaftan which girl bougth for Sue's Wedding. 
Congratulation for both of you
Hantaran : Cake from Deductable

Dr. Aziah

With Beloved Gf

We love u Yah..


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Work.. never end

Nobody can predict correctly what will happend. Only Allah Know. That y i never giveup to get what i want. Even last minute try and because of that my work/task never end. Since moved to new group, i need to set up laboratory. My new bos ( Group Manager) hav their own fund. So the work is focus for her research fund milestone. The other best things happended, i get new patner in working. Azillah. So now and so on. I will always mention this cute girl with cute name Azillah. Ok. Write somethings about this Azillah.
The left is Azillah..
Azillah in age, she my senior la, but working i senior a few month. Seniority is important work in Goverment. Once she report duty at Nuclear Malaysia, she been asigned to training deparment. so i dun know her name, only know her face once bace ikrar. teruk betul kan. Mother with 2 handsome son is very patient. there many critical situation (work) she become the heroin. Yup sometime i think she my heroin, avoid myself to involve in any stupid argurment. ahahha. I always surrounded with smart people, she Japan Graduate, stay  at Japan for 10 years. Delivered the baby there. Ha? hehehe Her kids will speak nihon-go once awhile. Yup.. I arealdy become Unty Fath with her kids, Halfy and Halqy (2H). This 2 H seriously budak baik. But.. sometime quarrel.. normal for kids life. Some time, i help Azillah pick up her sons at transit, once when we hav other activities after work. Yey.. sometime we so shopping together. hahahhaha.. Husband (peja).. i can't said alot.. but as i met Peja.. silent type and the face look hardwoking. hahahhah.. that all..  to azillah: if you read this entry..  i jst write  to share the best part in my working live, one of that is you!
and.. finaly.. fatahiyah

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Norjannah's wedding

 Last 25th Aug, my cousin Norjannah wedding at Klang. Its first weekend after raye. since all my sisters (kak long and girl) took long holiday until Monday. We decided to drive early in the morning and came back at the same day. Lucky.. no heavy trafic all the way. 

 Last family Picture

 Razmi, Mustakim and me

Congrats for both of you. may Allah bless u to start the new life together