Saturday, June 25, 2011

Congrats to my Kak Long,Gurl and Baby..

Yesterday,we celebrated pre-convocation of my dear elder sister, gurl and the only brother, Baby. All of them graduated in thier on field. I am very proud of you all. I suppose to graduate with them, but there many reason that i can't settle down writing my thesis. sorry.

sorry again to my gurl and baby. i can't be there during your convocation day. i will attend training at Takasaki, Japan from Oct 2011 until March 2012. I will write about this training in others entry.
Kak Long



Thursday, June 9, 2011

Seoul, Korea

During my last trip to Korea, there to trip to Seoul Down Town, so i decide to move early from Jeoungeup alone. I took KTX train from Jeoungeup Sts to Dangsan Sts Seoul. Its took only 2 1/2 hour. same as Epinal to Paris. Find the hotel at Seoul and feel the nightlife at Seoul. There a Duty free Shopping Complex Open 24 Hour (Maybe coz i been there until 3 am and it still open). Do some souvenir shopping. Nothing much difference from Kuala Lumpur. maybe the Korean look alike Chinese here. I am not manage to take a lot of pic coz it already nite when i am there. But... i am not worry about it coz Nuclear Malaysia will have 5 year by literal Project with KEARI. There alot of possible to been there again. Wah.. really confident!

at Jeoungeup Sts


I bought it for my officemate, Sarala

Compulsory to find Starbucks Coffee, need to buy the tumble for beloved gurl collection!

In the Train to Incheon Airport

Monday, June 6, 2011


This is a new experience for us, wearing saree, the traditional outfit for indian lady. we wore it during my office mate engagement day. we are the only Malay there. we dressed really like indian lady but we are not dark enuf to be like them. we should tanning our skin before. so most of the guess assume us Chinese + Indian = ChinDian but when we spoke..oh ok.. we are malay.

We dun know how to tight the saree. so we are lucky our neighbor are Indian. so we as a fovour of help to tight it. Thanks Unty!

By the way.. congrat sarala and arul for their engagement.

with all the nuclear staff

Congrats !!

How do we look?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Korean Foods

5 days at korean, i' ve try many type of foods. from ala carte to buffet. The fish very nice. i felt so happy to sit on the floor while having the meal.

1 of the buffet Restaurant at Deajeon

Food during the welcome reception at ARTI

LOOK at Prof.. he enjoy the remen..DO u like it?

OK... it soKorean..

My meal at the korean food court!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Letter for Prof Olgun Guven

I met this Prof. during training at Korea last week. he so awesome.i always waiting for his lecture coz i easy to understand his english rather then others. he is 64 year old bur he didn't look like his age. very energetic and full of amazing knowledge in ionizing radaition.Prof. Dr. Olgun Guven is a prof at Polymer Chemistry Division, Department of Chemistry, Hacettepe University.

1 st day in the class i felt so not confident to ask question coz i dun know, it because i new. 1 year. what u aspect. but he he very nice to me, he answers my question at anyplace event in the bus to get our meal. hehehehe. 5 days..

Dear Prof,

U inspire me to learn more in this area. it is very tough for me before but u make it very interesting now.i wish i can learn more from you. i wish i can be like u. event i am not genius. like u, but i will work hard to make this field mine. i will miss you and wish to see you. there alot of Question to ask.

With Prof