Thursday, June 9, 2011

Seoul, Korea

During my last trip to Korea, there to trip to Seoul Down Town, so i decide to move early from Jeoungeup alone. I took KTX train from Jeoungeup Sts to Dangsan Sts Seoul. Its took only 2 1/2 hour. same as Epinal to Paris. Find the hotel at Seoul and feel the nightlife at Seoul. There a Duty free Shopping Complex Open 24 Hour (Maybe coz i been there until 3 am and it still open). Do some souvenir shopping. Nothing much difference from Kuala Lumpur. maybe the Korean look alike Chinese here. I am not manage to take a lot of pic coz it already nite when i am there. But... i am not worry about it coz Nuclear Malaysia will have 5 year by literal Project with KEARI. There alot of possible to been there again. Wah.. really confident!

at Jeoungeup Sts


I bought it for my officemate, Sarala

Compulsory to find Starbucks Coffee, need to buy the tumble for beloved gurl collection!

In the Train to Incheon Airport


Zafina said... day I pun nak pegilah ...hehehhe

Siti Fatahiyah Hj. Mohamad said...

sure u bleh pe, it not that expensive like Europe.
since Air Asia also fly to seoul already..