Sunday, May 25, 2014

Jakarta Trip 2014

Pause for awhile about birthday celebration. i attended anotherbirthday. This time I want to write about my trip to Jakarta. Ofcourse with my girl. 4 day 3  night. 6 of us but I only knew 2 of them Jerd (my schoolmate) and Faezah (Jerd partner). We fly with Garuda Airlines. 1st time, its better than MAS. Maybe the aircraft with media player. Therefore the 2 hour flight is fully occupied. Hahahaha....

Jerd. Me and Girl 

Seokarna-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta

Our first Lunch. Jakarta Trip worn help your diet. Love the food so much 

First night, we suppose spent watching the Indonesia Idol Final. Normally we streaming watch at home but we visit Grand Indonesia Plaza. Its walking distance from our hotel

Coffee Selection. Yes.  Indonesia Origin coffee is in our list. 

Seeeeeeee.... 4 Coffee.

 The rest of the day we spend shopping at Tanah Abang. Look at us. Happy shopping. Girls and shopping, something really can't control.
6 of us at Siantex Shop (Ground Floor of Tanah Abang)

Oh yeah.. really used the monopod 

Hard rock Cafe Jakarta
 I really enjoy travel in Bajai ( motor Trishaw). Before this I really scared ride this vehicle. But Beijing Live really teach me how good this vehicle. The driver really well train drive in heavy traffic.

Can fix 3 girl

Not only 3 girl.. but the shopping items as well

i uploaded this picture at my IG. This trip not really the avocado seasons, but we managed to find it, who help? The Bajai Driver. The deal is you bring me anyplace until we found the avocado the i pay u 50 000 ruppiah. Actually, this bajai driver very nice. Lucky me. 

Us.. flying back home

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Brother In Law 32nd Birthday

Oh Yeah.. Now i hav Brother in Law. Name : Hasrul Nizam Hashim. Not much i can write about him since we are not really close even we are 2nd cousin. Yeah Kak Long Husband is our 2nd cousin ( my mother side).  This entry kind of introduced him since we celebrated his 32nd birthday at b' Restaurant. Pullman Hotel Putrajaya Lake side. 
We only celebrate with our patners, Lan was came all the way from JB to join us. Actually he promised me before. Share some pictures during the celebration. Theme Superman vs Superwomen.

Group Photo.. Isyaallah.. will be a great family together

Lan's Supergirl... Yes, she is.. Always be a supergirl to survive in our relationship.

Girl and Sham

The small family. May Allah Blessed both of you

Last Picture of them, wish kak long will be a good wife ( even we know her better).

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pdah Birthday

Ok... next birthday.. Pdah.. huhuhu... after damia's birthday we celebrated Pdah birthday. Of course 29th birthday. The choose The Master One City Mall Sky Park, Subang Jaya

 Me.. Otw to find the birthday Cake

 Pdah.. The birthday Girl..


Cake Cutting.. Pdah with her love son Akid.. 
Cake by Brew&Bread

Group Picture

Pdah and her small familia.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Damia Farisah Turn 1

Marathon entry about birthday. This time Damia Farisah's Birthday. Damia is Sue's 1st daughter. Her Birthday actually a day before us. 18th April 2013. When Damia was born I had training at Manila.
Theme : Raibow
Place: KFC I-City Shah Alam
Guest : Both (Faris and Sue) Family and Friends

Birthday Cake Paling Chantek this year

Damia in her new cotage..

Damia and Raibow

Cake cutting Damia with her parent

Of course Damia with Unties GF

Damia and Mum.. and the twin unties

Friday, April 25, 2014

Letter for Dr. Jamaliah

The most invaluable asset I have is gift of your guidance Your supervision has rewarded me with real live, understanding and support,
Thank you for being a boss; you are truly a boss in need; a real boss  indeed.
Life has its trying moments; for your trust, cordiality and unique support; I say a big thank you.

Last Friday (25th April) we (my group member) celebrated farewell party my boss Dr Jamaliah at B' Restaurant Pullman Hotel Putrajaya. Kak Su and Kak G also join us.

Special of the day.. Sarawak Food..

The Restaurant

Group Picture ( Hasnul is away for Solat Jumaat)


Before Kak ton leave for another commitments

Our Group picture without Kak ton but Hasnul is back. Yeah.. hasnul only one guy working with all the ladies. Poor or Lucky?

Dr Jamaliah and I.. Thanks alot

With Kak G and kak Su..

Girl and I turn 29th

We celebrated our birthday at Chakri Palace Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. Yeah this year we managed to celebrate our birthday together on our birthday 19th April. 

Cake by Deli Komugi

 Lan in the house with love.. Thanks Sayang..

While Waiting for my beloved BF

Before Having the Scrumptious Foods

 Cake-cutting by Girl, Akid and Me.. 

Akid more excited with the cake

Our group photo

To all my Gf, thanks alot celebrate our birthday

At night
Since abg Sham mis celebrate our birthday without clear reason, we decide to celebrate 4 of us at Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur 
The twin with the cute nice cake

Us.. Pray for us...

Them.. also.. pray for them

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Aziah and Lim Birthday at Landmark Hotel Batu Pahat

29th March, its very difficult to get all my love gf in one time. It suppose to be full gathering after last uyyun's wedding...  This is Aziah and Lim birthdays. Surprise only for lim coz last 2 year birthday kantoi.. so the theme been decided by  Aziah. Blue and Green. 
No one hav any ideal about place, party shop and cake as well. Thanks so Sudin help us suggested all of this. With not much argument, we choose Landmark Hotel coffee house. the place we need were good food, privacy and good service... everythings here... recommended!!

Among the earliest arrived. Sorry to aziah and family coz they hav to wait for us for 2 hour. 

This cake special order from Mal, Ayie's wife ( our favorite photographer) 

Thanks to Syed and Pdah, bring lim to us, and she really surprise saw us in the coffee house. until she cries. I know lim u miss us too.. oh.. mmg drama.. of course i pn menagis.

My love. Kmar and Azua is not around. last minute cancel. As i told my previous entry about eda's birthday.. Akid will always birthday boy.. hahaahha kesian lim

Cake cutting... Oh akid... 

The twin with birthday girl and my love Mok

2nd generation of GF.  

Our small family getting bigger..