Saturday, May 24, 2014

Brother In Law 32nd Birthday

Oh Yeah.. Now i hav Brother in Law. Name : Hasrul Nizam Hashim. Not much i can write about him since we are not really close even we are 2nd cousin. Yeah Kak Long Husband is our 2nd cousin ( my mother side).  This entry kind of introduced him since we celebrated his 32nd birthday at b' Restaurant. Pullman Hotel Putrajaya Lake side. 
We only celebrate with our patners, Lan was came all the way from JB to join us. Actually he promised me before. Share some pictures during the celebration. Theme Superman vs Superwomen.

Group Photo.. Isyaallah.. will be a great family together

Lan's Supergirl... Yes, she is.. Always be a supergirl to survive in our relationship.

Girl and Sham

The small family. May Allah Blessed both of you

Last Picture of them, wish kak long will be a good wife ( even we know her better).

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