Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Entry, May I continue writing in this prosperity year?

Lots of things happened along 2015 and i didn't write here. Its all about Facebook and Instagram where the most easier to update compare to this blog. but its been 5 year i wrote regarding my life and requested from my dear husband, i will write again to share all the memories.

Little update about my current life. Now, i live at Residence Etudiant at Reims. Doctorante at ICMR University of Reims Champangne-Ardenne, Reims France. Married with Roslan Ahmad. Still working with Malaysia Nuclear Agency as research Officer but having study leave until 2018.

My husband and I having a photo shoot using tripod at Parc in front of Reim Gare Centre

This 2016 is the year for me to focus on my Phd laboratory work. Its my second year and its really tough for me. Being a Phd student, i really need to be expect in subject that I learn. Its not really new but its really details.

As for now, i will list what is the most interesting topic i can write and will find some time to elaborate in this blog. Last but not lease, I would like to wish a Happy New Year 2016. May Allah bless. Always being thankful and patient in our life. We can't change people but we can change our self  to be better person.