Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Long Distance Wedding Picture

Last Saturday , one of my GF wedding Sue at Sagil. I already post about it. I so stress alone here, not able to enjoy that moments with my girls. Finally i wore the purple shirt, ans asked anyone there Skype with me. Of course girl! i want my picture with the gorges peranten. Thanks to the great photographer Razali took this picture. and... i feeelll ssoooo touched.. sooo calm.. by the way.. even i stuck at Takasaki.. but i managed to get this memorable picture with Faris and Sue. Love this picture so much..
Faris, Me and Beloved Sue.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Farmville at Takasaki, Japan

At the back of my domitory, there are quit big empty land. Shima-san and Ma-san who already stay here more than year usually plant vegetables or fruits. Since everyone quit busy with own career here the farm already look like vacant land. A fews ago, they start planted again and i had a fun time joined them. They plant strawbery and radish.The vacant land area

Helped Ma-san rebuild the farm

Ok.. Siti-san played around

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Oh.. disaster! When you away from home and want to eat your home food. Last week i felt want to eat Keria. Keria are typical desert made from sweet potato. I really want to eat it!! google the recipes and the ingredients are simple also easy to find here. The reality,this is 1st time in my live made keria. Upgrade cooking skill. hehhehe..

Forget about the messy kitchen. of course the flour scattered around.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nihon-jin Wedding

Today, i have a chance to go to my secretary's wedding, miss Suda-san. Great opportunity to be there. Suda-san and her her husband Fumie-san so gorges. Miss Suda-san also prepared some foods that we can eat. Happy for them even i just know her only 2 month. She so kind even always had language miscommunication between us. Again thanks to Hoshina-san to bring us there. To girlfriends.. korang ingat korang je pe wedding.. huhauhauhau

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sue and Fariz

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind

~ William Shakespeare ~

Just finish called my gurl. she at sue wedding. One of the gurlfriend. Sue the pharmacist at HSA Johor Baru married with Fariz also pharmacist but i dun know which hospital. Erm.. I'm sure all the gurlfriends excited during the wedding like before. Thanks to Fidah send this picture for me. Love you all.

Gorges Sue!!!

I am sure both of them nerves

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nandeeka Farewell Party

Nandeeka Research from Sri Lanka one of the MEXt researchers at TARRI, she only for 3 month and she come 1 month earliar than me and she leaving today. Last night we had farewell party at Okomoto-san House at Fujioka. Of couse the food nice but u know no chicken or beef. i like the salmon soup. uuhh sometime i felt i vegetarian because most of the food serve were vegetables.

Nandeeka with shima-san

Okomoto-san. Nandeeka and me

Siti-san with the food...

Monday, November 21, 2011

When everyon talk about 'bola' and i blurrr

Of course every one know Harimau Malaya won at Sea Game 2011, last nie while gurl skype me and updated a feww hot story suddenly

Gurl : ok la kak.. nnt smbg lg.. bola nk start..

me : bola?

Gurl : iyer la.. Malaysia lwn Indon la.. final..Sea Game

me: ko nk pe tgk kt mane?

Gurl : umah jer la..

Stright away offline the skype......

Since when gurl tgk bola.. klu dulu farhan nk tgk bola and ktorg nk tgk af.. bleh x jadi dating la kn. but now she watched football alone with the cats.. Even my girlsfriend whatupp silent.. but when the critical moment, become 'pasar malam' and again.. stress...

When i woke up this morning and look up the fb... and finally.. everyone wish and happy to harimau muda team.. ok.. u know.. i blurr... because i didn't watch and i did know what happened.. and i have to go work..

The TARRI become yeloww..

Sunday, November 20, 2011

1st online shopping at Japan

Last week, i felt i need a new shoe and Iwanade-san told me the famous online shopping in Japan, Rakuten one of the famous online shop beside Amazon Japan. Plan want to have boots finally sneaker. Wooottt... i a fans of sneakers. i took 1 week to made the final decision. I ask a fovour of Suda-san to pay on be half of me since i can't write kanji to made the transfer. The box just arrived during lunch hour and loook 'hasil' yang pertama..

The Label writen in Kanji.. my address

The Box..... and....

Ralph Lauren Red Sneaker..

Thursday, November 17, 2011

When i not smart as them

This is about my current feeling, feel there are someting wrong with my experiments work here. I already optimize the parameter for irradiation dose, grafting reaction time and amine modification. i surpose i can start doing absorbtion experiment but beloved Dr. Saiki so busy. So i need to do some graft polimerization experiment in others type of trunk polymer. After discussion with Dr. Saiki yesterday, i need to repeat the same material because the degree of grafting is so high. Ok its just to comfirm. Daijobu. I can do it while Dr. Saiki away for 2 weeks.

when i works with people here, with PhD and with alot of research achievment, i feel so small. Since primary school i never be 'pelajar harapan' or be top 3 in the class. i am a moderate student. Exam results also so so. Event i never qualified for boarding school. Ha but i had Remy who finish his school at STAR and Farhan at SAMURA. But i very lucky to get into university and will soon get my Master degree when i home.(waiting for Viva). The great part i get opportunity to had along attachment at others country. France 2009/2010 and Japan 2011/2012.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thursday 20111117 at TARRI

Already 7 weeks at Japan, so many things already adjust specially the weather. Gunma prefracture famous with the strong wind and of couse cold wind. My laboratory work also smooth event Dr. Saiki demm busy and sometimes he forgot what i doing while he away for outstation. Office enviroment not so diference from Malaysia, but the person here.. so serius.. very serius and some time they didn't get the joke. i wish i will survive more than i surpose because i allways feel want to go home.. i dun have any ideal. no one special that i miss and wait for me at home beside my lovely family.

Winter Sakura Bloom in Autumn

Last sunday, 3 of us with Okomoto-san went to Fujioka to see the winter sakura flower. i didn't there are winter sakura flower, as i know sakura flower during spring. there are 7000 tree around tha park. we arrived quit late and not much time left for the two great photographer took picture. but i so excited to see sakura ( event winter sakura) in front of my eyes.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Aidiladha at Kiryu-shi, Japan

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha. This year i celebrate at Kiryu-shi, Gunma Japan together will muslim here and most of them are Gunma University Student from all over the world. We pray and the 'Khutbah' in English. I would like to thank Shima-san willing to bring me to Kiryu, about 1 hour from Takasaki. we move from Takasaki at 630 am. Everyone bring ownfood and we share together. Shima-san and i cooked Laksa Penang. i soo touching when hearing takbir here.
Shima-san and i after pray aidiladha

Some of the guys leaded the takbir.

Numata.. the place to get fresh Apple

Saturday, like before i will slept back after subuh. my room phone ringing.. Its from Shima-san aka kak shima. she asked me to woke up and get ready Where??!!?? picked apple.. i am so excited.. 4 of us, Shima-san (kak shima), Ma-san, Hong-san and Siti-san (me) went to Numata, about 40 km from Takasaki and is take ar 1 hour. we need to pay 1400 yen for 4 person and we can stay how long we want. hehehe.. i know i can not eat alot of apple but i enjoy the scenery and the big apple on the tree..

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Karuizawa.. the place to feel the autumn

Today is the public holiday. TARRI walfare division offer trip to Karuizawa. Nice place but too crowded since due the th public holiday. 1 hour journey from TARRI and its a good day. thanks to Iwanade-san accompany us all the day.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Internet in the rooommmm..

Oh.. i soo suffer without internet in my room for 1 month.. and finaly today i get it. thanks to my friend who really help me to hav this cute moderm.. the moderm white colour and wireless with two user. the best part can wattssuupp with girlfriend


NEC Aterm WM3500R