Thursday, November 17, 2011

When i not smart as them

This is about my current feeling, feel there are someting wrong with my experiments work here. I already optimize the parameter for irradiation dose, grafting reaction time and amine modification. i surpose i can start doing absorbtion experiment but beloved Dr. Saiki so busy. So i need to do some graft polimerization experiment in others type of trunk polymer. After discussion with Dr. Saiki yesterday, i need to repeat the same material because the degree of grafting is so high. Ok its just to comfirm. Daijobu. I can do it while Dr. Saiki away for 2 weeks.

when i works with people here, with PhD and with alot of research achievment, i feel so small. Since primary school i never be 'pelajar harapan' or be top 3 in the class. i am a moderate student. Exam results also so so. Event i never qualified for boarding school. Ha but i had Remy who finish his school at STAR and Farhan at SAMURA. But i very lucky to get into university and will soon get my Master degree when i home.(waiting for Viva). The great part i get opportunity to had along attachment at others country. France 2009/2010 and Japan 2011/2012.

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