Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Aloy's wedding at Tanjung Malim

Tahniah for aloy and his wife on thier wedding, aloy nie 1 year younger than me. Dia ni close friend remy since UKM until UDE, Duisburg. i went with remy, since dia nk pick up and farhan working that day. Don't worry, i ask for permission from farhan before i go. Balik, stop at Pau Yik Mun, Remy suka makan Pau, bought frozen pau for gurl.

1st pic snap mase baru2 sampai..

with UDE graduated and UDE students (sajer jer nk menyibok!)

With UKM Mechanical Eng. Graduated..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

27th Birthday celebration

Dear my sister, happybirthday!! last 19 Sept was my kak long birthday, we managed to made suprise party for her. celebrated at The Italiannies, The Garden. Credit to Afni (Gurl cousemate at uum for this picture).

Italiannies, The Garden

The foods... Highly recommended!

Look at the twin.. at 25 year old, still wearing same top,jean,watch!

Thanks! Afni,Gurl,Najat(cousin)The Birthday girl, me and Farhan

Friday, September 17, 2010

Aidilfitri 2010

Selamat Hari raye!.. menulis blog ini still mood raye sambil mendengar lagu raya. Aidilfitri 2010 agak suram walaupun mak su and family beraya at Sungai Mati. This raye my little brother, farid tidak pulang beraye bersama kami kerana sedang pratical di atas kapal KD Kedah at Sabah. So my mother tak excited sgt nk raya. but it ok, we still went bact to my father hometown, muar jugak.

Purple Mood, Aidifitri 2010

Seperti biase,3 Syawal adalah hari yang paling busy. Open House@ CMJ Open House, Estimate around 15000 people come. Thanks to my Senior GG cama on that day. Sepupu-sepupu will join, slalunye serve the kueh raye because that my mother need to arrange it. Really enjoy! Selagi Pak Ngah CMJ, we enjoy and that the only day yang all my mother relative came.

with GG, and my cousins

Semlm blk KL, Baru perasan my sunglass hilang and yang paling pening, my wallet hilang. semlm before blk kne pe BalaiPolis Sungai Mati, lodge report, Habis sume duit raye.. SEDEH...