Saturday, March 24, 2012


Now.. already at home. last friday i arrived KLIA at 1815. I am so happy to see anything here. I just love to stay after strugle life at Takasaki, Japan. Thanks to all GF anf thier patner wait for me at KLIA even that suprise change.

Now.. almost 1 week start working at NuclearMalaysia. sometime i feel lost. oh maybe i hope too much from my division

tomorrow will strugle for my MSc viva. Please Pray for me. Wish everything will be fine.

At KLIA : Thanks to all gfs yang put effort dtg sambut i kt airport, even ur suprise x menjadi sgt kn.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

"The Final" at TARRI

Last Friday, the certification ceremony my DG of TARRI and Final presentation. Its happened 1 week early coz of the time limitation of my bosses here. including Dr. Saiki.

With DG of TARRI

while waiting for final presentation

Presentation time.

With Ma-san, My handsome group leader Seko-san and me

With my cute Supervisor, Seiichi SAIKI.

My group at TARRI

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

White Valentine at TARRI

Yesterday, 14th March, The guy prepared chocolate for ladies. Ok this picture show chocolate i received. Thanks alot to the gentleman here.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Nippori is the famous place to have Japaneses cotton in wholesale price. but.. in my office this place is not 'must' place to visit during training. Almost everyone surprise when i said i want to shopping there. but what do to. i love fabric and i can't resist to buy 1 or 2.. but i buy more 10. but, i will sell back once i home because i want to share what i love here with everyone who read my blog. ( its there any silent blog reader there, u should write any comment in any entry). I spend more then 5 hour to choose the fabric. i bought for my parent, kak long, my girl and also for my navy brother.

At nippori train St.

Self pick by myself.

among of the productsFinal product that i bought!!

Meet my bos at Tokyo

Last friday.. i went to tokyo perposely yo met my bos. our Nuclear Agency DG. he coming for something on Nuclear Power Plan. just wan to share picture.
My bos, Me, Monggolian Nuclear member ( lady and the man) at back forget the name but he nihon-jin

Monday, March 5, 2012

Takyo trip again..

Last Saturday, my lovely kind Sec, Suda-san took me to Tokyo. actually i just wan to go to nippori, to buy Japaneses Cotton which is so cheap. seriusly x larat pilih dah. but after that she took me to Asakusa, the the street shop for japan gift.

Nippori, Japan textile town

Akasuka temple
temple tower akasuka

Buy the fomous japaness sweet. i try fresh from oven...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy bithday my love

Happy 66th birthday to my lovely father (4/3).
if I could choose the perfect Dad
There's no one I would rather
Have Dad, than you Dad
Coz you go further, Abah..

thanks for you support and understand my dream.
thanks for the pray.
i love you so much

Happy 60th birthday to my lovely mother (today, 5/3)
Mama, you are my everything
This entry is create to say
Relax, and put your feet up
On your very special day
Thanks to pray for me. and.
please don't stop pray for me because ' the most accepted prayer, is a prayer of mother'