Monday, January 30, 2012

Kusatsu Vacation

Last weekend, 6 of us. Hosina-san family, Ma-san and her husband, shima-san and me had gone to a place to vacation. it is a hot springs resort of Kusatsu. with the help of one of the researchers here, we can book a room with a member price (very cheap).The rooms are very spacious and has its own Jacuzzi. with what we pay very worthwhile. The Hotel Village, Kusatsu has two public hot spring public pond, also known as 'onsen' is . Japanese people always have onsen especially the ladies because they believed it can give an impact on their skin.

Look at the big beige box behind us, it is pilot plant for Sc recovering. One of ongoing research by our group here. Impress!!!

Jacuzzi in the house!! u can have jacuzzi with white view.

Kusatsu Briefing by Hosina-san

Morning view from my balcony

At Kusatsu Down Town, the smell of Onsen everywhere.

Girls in the Igloo

best picture during this trip

Thursday, January 19, 2012

1st Show Takasaki 2012

Oh.. after Pray in the morning, open my curtain and SHOW.. Heavy show.. so i can't cycle to office.. need my Crocs boots Pink, think cloth and enjoy the white view. I took a few pictures on the way to office. Event it not so heavy like Epinal. This is 1st show along my training here. But, after lunch, the show turn rain.

Picture from my balconyAlso from my balconyMe on the way to officeMy Office aka TARRIOntheway to laboratory building

Look at my Crocs pink boots

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stupid Emotional

Oh ok.. actually i hate to write about stupid feeling, but u know i at Takasaki, Japan and i dun hav any good listener for my feeling. of course i hav girl who always skype with me, EVERYDAY.. but yesterday something stupid happened at back our home. Our maid wash all dry cleaning cloths. More than 10 pairs ok.. seriously.. girl call me and cry. i also cry because each of the cloth hav their own story.


This stupid morning emotional cause of 'a man' or ' a guy'. as i told before i tired love, tired cry for nothing. Yup.. i the one who easily cry. i felt i dun want to get involve in relationship. I will ask my parents look for my mate.

To ma an abah,

Please find someone you like to be your 'menantu' i will agree.

Yup, sound funny right. but i believed believed in family bliss. i am the one who can easily accept the week of the partner. If not how i can survived the relationship with Remy of Farhan. As long as the guy can accept my weekness which is ' kuat membebel'

Sound desperate right? I dun mind what you or anyone critic about this. but i am serious!

Just look to my girlsfriend. Fida-Syed, Kmar-Pele, Mok-Suhaimi and the newly married Sue-Fariz. Only Fida and Sue involve in 'couple' phase. and the other two only minute' relationship and the critical coming wedding of the year 2012 aziah-zaki after 2 month decided to get married! and the best things i manage to join The E day. just a day after o home in March 2012.

Stop being emotional!!! when i emotional i can't focus working, keep think stupid things and of cause the work no quality. i will died after Dr. Saiki found it!!!

i know its very difficult to change your live, but change for good things will get bless/ support from people who love us especially parent and girlfreind.

Big significant changes will happend.

Untie Fath with Baby Syed Faliq Akid.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Daruma-ichi 2012

Last 9th January, Iwanade-san asked me to Daruma Festival at Honmachi-dori. Darumaichi at Shorinzan kicks off daruma doll sale of the year. It is also nationally known and is the largest of its kind, attracting more than 300,000 local and out-of-town visitors every year. On the shrine premises, people can request to participate in a Shinto ritual in which they paint a pupil on one eye of the daruma doll for their wish to come true.They paint the other eye either when their wish is granted later in the year or at the end of the year.

Daruma Doll street..

Another type of 'lucky' broom

The Entrance of Shonrinzan Temple

Me.. while q to climb up the temple

My daruma

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Greeting card

Just want to share 2012 Greeting card done by my office mate here. here their culture send new year greeting just like a post card. its handmade and print by home printer. i receives 2 card. from Hosina-san and lovely secretary Suda-san. even i receives late due to long public holiday, i so happy for that. Share the cute card for me.

The front : My room add here!Left : from Hosina-san. the cute of Saki chan

Right : from Suda-san from Suda-san the picture during their wedding

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Started!!

Oh.. i just want to share my 2012 diary, i went to Takasaki downtown and found very nice diary. It Dolly girl by Anna Sui Diary 2012. The cover in black and pink inside. For the last 3 years i used Starbuck's diary but here in Japan they didn't sell it.


My diary 2012