Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stupid Emotional

Oh ok.. actually i hate to write about stupid feeling, but u know i at Takasaki, Japan and i dun hav any good listener for my feeling. of course i hav girl who always skype with me, EVERYDAY.. but yesterday something stupid happened at back our home. Our maid wash all dry cleaning cloths. More than 10 pairs ok.. seriously.. girl call me and cry. i also cry because each of the cloth hav their own story.


This stupid morning emotional cause of 'a man' or ' a guy'. as i told before i tired love, tired cry for nothing. Yup.. i the one who easily cry. i felt i dun want to get involve in relationship. I will ask my parents look for my mate.

To ma an abah,

Please find someone you like to be your 'menantu' i will agree.

Yup, sound funny right. but i believed believed in family bliss. i am the one who can easily accept the week of the partner. If not how i can survived the relationship with Remy of Farhan. As long as the guy can accept my weekness which is ' kuat membebel'

Sound desperate right? I dun mind what you or anyone critic about this. but i am serious!

Just look to my girlsfriend. Fida-Syed, Kmar-Pele, Mok-Suhaimi and the newly married Sue-Fariz. Only Fida and Sue involve in 'couple' phase. and the other two only minute' relationship and the critical coming wedding of the year 2012 aziah-zaki after 2 month decided to get married! and the best things i manage to join The E day. just a day after o home in March 2012.

Stop being emotional!!! when i emotional i can't focus working, keep think stupid things and of cause the work no quality. i will died after Dr. Saiki found it!!!

i know its very difficult to change your live, but change for good things will get bless/ support from people who love us especially parent and girlfreind.

Big significant changes will happend.

Untie Fath with Baby Syed Faliq Akid.


azua said...

lately, nampak kau banyak post benda-benda yang related ngan kawen ni.. mungkin dah sampai seru tapi calon tak jumpa lagi ke Taya. adakah anda sangat pressure dengan desakan hidup untuk bertukar status dari single ke in relationship or married.. eh apalah yang aku membebel ni, of course la yer, tukan impian semua orang. kau jangan pressure sangat, rasa2 bosan kau whatsapp la.. aku akan try sound budak2 ni untuk tidak terlalu rancak, sbb takut iphone kau xboleh catchup.

hug n kisses from wawa..

Siti Fatahiyah Hj. Mohamad said...

Xder la terdesak nk tuka status,
tp, x larat nk sedey2..
aku nk happy.. sedey skit2 jer..
iphone aku mmg hang tp, aku still bleh bace..
wang.. blk nnt kite smbg project kiter supaya aku mase aku akan sibuk..

Hugg n Kiss for u dear Azua..

aziahzuber ialah name saye. said...

aku pon ade phase mcm ni dlu waktu kt ireland, mase tu dah final year. aku rse mahu bertukar status (takde pressure dari sape2 pon, mmg aku rse mcm tu). waktu tu aku ade calon. tp calon tak memberi respon. ahahahaha.. mmg sengal wehh.. naseb baik skrg ade calon yg lebih best n due-due gatal nk kawen! weehoo!!
cop! bukan gatal ye, tp bersedia nak kawen ;P

。+゚o。. Puan Dot . 。o+゚。 said...

awww... babe.. tuhan tu dah tetapkan jodoh kau... so jgn la risau sgt.,. aku yakin 1day mesti ade lelaki yg dtg kt kau.. aku doakan..
x sabar nak tgu kau balik.. akid dah sangat besar ok.. dah 2x ganda dari ape yg ko pelok dalam gambar tu.. hope dia tak lupekan kau,... eh?? haha