Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hye.. yup a super dupper big gathering on my father's side.. all my father's cousin came to my mak long house at Parit Unas, Muar Johor. there were a little bit tragic gathering episode happened, two of my father cousin (there a brothers) didn't met each other more than 20 years. it happened of the hard of live before, their mother died when they still kids and they need to separate with other uncle and unties to continues their live.

Banner : my father is Mohamad bin Hasrin bin Abdullah. All Adullah grandchildren gathering.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fath and NPP

NPP stand for Nuclear Power Programme, I've been selected to attended Train The Trainers NPP Public Communicator at Puteri Resort Malacca. It really out of my work routine coz i from non-energy division. The training content were so tough to understand but basic they ask us to create good 'word' based on difference stakeholder. I don't have really good ideal to write about this coz i still reading a few books to understand more about NPP. The implimentation NPP are something realistic but how we going to get the public awareness?

Me, En. Saba, Ms. Adlina and Ms. Sheery
(These 3 person had involve this project about afew years, so we can call them as nuclear Power expect in Malaysia.)