Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cosmos at Takasaki

Last saturday, due to Ma-san condition quit stable, shima-san and me manage to plan one memoryable trip to Cosmos park at Takasaki. Cosmos one of the flower bloom during autumn. There are many colour, even along the way to the office olso we can found it. but here the are, white, lilac and red. Cosmos

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday at TARRI

Erm.. just to let u all know.. here.. event friday.. no want feel want to go back early..


ok.. the picture not related at all.. but.. i miss farhan..

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Now i know Y..

Actually just nk share about nihon-jin here when i show farhan picture. They say so handsome, and more handsome compare to all researchers here.. huahuahua.. then i know why farhan left me, because he know he habdsome and easy to fine new gf. right? Ok.. i still hope our relationship will be fine, but its only hope..

Ok.. sure people will ask me why i show farhan picture.. because i hav alot of his picture..

I just Show this picture ok..

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Fault

Dun know what happended to me today. i stuck in my labs with all stupid foult. fine.. how to start. Today i starting doing the grafting using gamma irradiation sample. As usuall dr. Saiki late. slowly i start solution preparation.

Start with sampel no 7 for 30 min, and 6 for 60 min.

OMG... i am wrong.. 7 and 6 for 120 min..

Ok.. thetimer mess.. need to add more time.. fine... adjust as i can.. to avoid collecting sampel during lunch hour.. fail!!!

walk to the office.. and talk to Dr. Saiki.. and he willing to collect one of my sampel..

i went to had my lunch at the canteen as soon as i can.. rush to the labs... OMG again.. i made mistake.. i told Dr. Saiki collect sampel no 7, but ac he need to collect sampel no 2.. he do both..

My hand writing.. Explain to Dr. Saiki wrongly.. and i found it next to the waterbath

The timer.. messy..

See : No 2, 1.0 H, not 2.. and No 7 2h not 0.5 H.. huahuahau

and.. when i told Dr. Saiki the situation.. u know what he say

'Daijobu' mean its ok.. It your experiment..


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Research at Takasaki

The 3rd week here, i attached under Enviromental Polymer Group, which is the research activities more to save the enviroment. My Group Leader here, Dr. Noriaki SEKO. The most handsome guy in this Institute. My supevisor Dr. Seiichi SAIKI. The most cute reseacher here.

The research topic here R&D graft polimerization onto natural polymer.

Ok.. Stop writing about technical thing.. share some picture...

My 1st hand one modification

'Gradualy' Dr. Saiki Word when he ask me to becarefull


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Ok.. this is not the 1st long attachment for me, but i will said this time i had worse homesick.. i dun know why. i miss my cats.. my house.. my car, my friends and family.. i miss my girl MBA convocation. oooo.. i really want to go back home.. the worst part.. there no internet connection in my room. ok i will suffer without internet for six month.. i dun mind to cycle everday but o had the old bicycle that they provide for me. i not expecting veryvery new.. but atleast servis la.. ok.. it not good to complain too much.. but.. it still long time to go.. help me..

at the office. i will come at 8 am until 8 - 9 pm.. i never do this at Malaysia. even at Epinal before.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Welcome Party!

Last friday, my new group member organized welcome party for me and their new sec. it start at 7 pn. Iwanade-san pick me up at the domitory at 6 pm. Its at Nana Restaurant. As everyone know, i only can eat fish. But all the fish dish very nice. but.. i think i in love with my boss.. Saiiki-san. He so cute that night. normaly he very serius. During the party, i need to give some speach, after that i get killer and serius questions. why i choose japan for my training?

Introduce : Dr. Seiichi SAIKI. cute kn?

The rest of the group member

Monday, October 10, 2011

1st long weekend at Takasaki

Here, Friday was public holiday for J.A.E.A staff and Monday due to health-Sports Day. So i had a lonf weekend. Since it the 1st weekend, so i think i need to find something interesting here. there a park 10 minute from my domitory, so i had a walk on friday evening.Saturday.. doing room-cleaning. and Sunday kak shima n i went to Gunma-University to meet and join Eid Murabak even raye dah abs kot. They are very lucky, they hav a big group study together here. Finaly we had makan-makan with all foreginer at the international domitory.

My new transport here.

Okomoto san, me and miss Nandika

During the Eid Murabak Celebration at Gunma-University

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Takasaki Advanced Radiation Research Institute (TARRI), Japan

1st entry after 1 week arrived Takasaki where my host Institute located. i will attach with Takasaki Advanced Radiation Research Institute (TARRI) for 6 month. I am staying at roon 208,International Lodging where about 8 minute cycling from the institute. Oh.. i will cycle everday. There no internet connection in my room, so i need to go to the institute to get the internet connection.

The International Lodging

The main Gate

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sayonara Tokyo

Tomorrow morning, i will move to Takasaki. The host Institute for my training. I already feel alone here. That the bad thing about myself since i always with my girl. Today, there one slot learning Nihon-go (Japanese language). Oh ok... After that, i went to have a look what so special about Tokyo. The most expensive town.

Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo shirt for my Girl!

and this for me!

With Joko (Indonesia), Me, and Kak Rad (Malaysia)


With all the organizer and participants.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Already At Japan

Hye.. 1st entry to tell everyone that i already at Japan. Currently will stay at Tokyo before move to Takasaki on 5th. The weather ar 15 C and it cold for me. Already miss Malaysia.

This is Limited edition Starbuck Tumbler Japan Airport. 1100 Yen.

My 1st meal at Tokyo. 550 Yen.