Monday, October 24, 2011

My Fault

Dun know what happended to me today. i stuck in my labs with all stupid foult. fine.. how to start. Today i starting doing the grafting using gamma irradiation sample. As usuall dr. Saiki late. slowly i start solution preparation.

Start with sampel no 7 for 30 min, and 6 for 60 min.

OMG... i am wrong.. 7 and 6 for 120 min..

Ok.. thetimer mess.. need to add more time.. fine... adjust as i can.. to avoid collecting sampel during lunch hour.. fail!!!

walk to the office.. and talk to Dr. Saiki.. and he willing to collect one of my sampel..

i went to had my lunch at the canteen as soon as i can.. rush to the labs... OMG again.. i made mistake.. i told Dr. Saiki collect sampel no 7, but ac he need to collect sampel no 2.. he do both..

My hand writing.. Explain to Dr. Saiki wrongly.. and i found it next to the waterbath

The timer.. messy..

See : No 2, 1.0 H, not 2.. and No 7 2h not 0.5 H.. huahuahau

and.. when i told Dr. Saiki the situation.. u know what he say

'Daijobu' mean its ok.. It your experiment..


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