Monday, October 10, 2011

1st long weekend at Takasaki

Here, Friday was public holiday for J.A.E.A staff and Monday due to health-Sports Day. So i had a lonf weekend. Since it the 1st weekend, so i think i need to find something interesting here. there a park 10 minute from my domitory, so i had a walk on friday evening.Saturday.. doing room-cleaning. and Sunday kak shima n i went to Gunma-University to meet and join Eid Murabak even raye dah abs kot. They are very lucky, they hav a big group study together here. Finaly we had makan-makan with all foreginer at the international domitory.

My new transport here.

Okomoto san, me and miss Nandika

During the Eid Murabak Celebration at Gunma-University

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