Monday, December 31, 2012

My 2012

Happy New Year. I write this entry to summarize my 2012. 12 months in 2012 was very challenging days. my 27th years old spend to make sure my career in a proper way. I spend first 3 month at Takasaki Japan. Started my new life in Kajang/Bangi from April to December, the most critical parts.

Last day at JAEA Takasaki Japan.

Once home, i really lost. Rearrange my room, my office, my laboratory works and of course my relationship. 
Before i flew to Japan, we just move back from level 9 to level 8, i don't have enough time to clean my room. so everything messy including all the shopping items from Japan. The worst part, i need to find all my office  Malaysia Government Office Entire. Life in the office really sucks. I have to start in critical situation. My confirmation was suspended due to the discipline problem? discipline, I knew i not the one who is very obey to the simple rules, but i do my work. I have change my group in the office and change new manager who know how to appreciate my works.
Erin, Aween, Me and Azillah

My fields work at Lembaga Kenaf & Tembakau Malaysia, Kelantan

 Starting work in new group is very interesting part, i start my work with my skills. Optimize the knowledge that i have. The office environment now is really what i want it to be. Have a good teams, good leader and good guider. Thanks alot to my partner Ms Azillah Fatimah, My new group leader Dr. Jamaliah Sharif and my guider Prof Olgun Guven. You all make my 2012 interesting year.

My Love My Girls Friend

Girls Friend and Partner on Labour Day 2012

Congratulation to Sue, Aziah and Pdah for your Pregnancy. Congratulation to Mok for new baby, Anas.  I dun mind boys or girl, but i wish you all will have happy marriage life which is i dun know how it work. Congratulation to Uyun for the Engagement. and last Congratulation to Eda for her MSc graduation which we share save stage at UKM.Oh.. Welcome to Mr. Zaki (Aziah Husband) to girlfriend world, i hope u already can adapt or absorb our environment. 

 Abg Azim ( Cousin Paternal) Wedding

Can u see which one is my Brother?

Nothing special event in mu small family beside Graduation day , my MSc and My Navy brother passing day. Cousins Wedding all over the year. Abg Jamil, Norjannah, Abg Azim and Qistina ( Cousin Daughter). 

For my relationship is very sensitive issue, i knew i have a good family, good friends good career but i never have a good relationship. I do pray for this thing but i know Allah know the best time for me to have it.
For 2013, nothing much i can plan beside my career. If everything in place 2013 will be another hectic year in my career life. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas at Singapore

Last Wed and Thurs i need to attend meeting and doing some chemical analysis at UTM Johor Bahru. Since Thuesday is Christmas Holiday, so I took girl to JB. So Monday Afternoon we move to JB. So we will hav enough time for Singapore trip since girl need to be at Office on Wed. Hahaha.. Rushing trip but still enjoy. The purpose to go Orchard Road  to buy Bimba and  Lola Handbag. 

Girl in the middle of crowded Orchard Road


Bimba & Lola Boutique at Ion 

Ok... This is Lan.. the one accomapy us to Singpore.. but finally dia giveup  and lepak tgg ktorg yang jalan mcm kura2.. hahah

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Big eye but Blind

It is very rare day, i write blog during office hour, but today is not really my day. headache.. Too many stupid things in my mind. unstable emotion. I hate this feeling. Really HATE.

Big eye but blind...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Huangshan Mountain Tour

Google this place... Its really awesome. In the last day tentative APSRC at Huangshan is Discussion day and they plan we walk (hiking) and discus..  i never do hiking in my life, i only organize hiking trip to Gunung Ledang back my university life. Last Girlfriends trip hiking to Broga i still in Japan and finally.. i do hiking at Huangshan Mountain China with Radiation Chemistry Community.. hahahha 

Starting Point.. still bergaya

Hiking together with Iwamatsu (i knew him at Takasaki) and Fong-san (Thai girl doing her PhD at Tokyo University)

Took Cable car..(Around 30 min) 

Can u see the track.. Its more than 8 km up and down..

Finally.. i not really good in hiking.. this guy name Toigawa ( MSc Student at Osaka University) walk slowly with me until the hotel.

and Dr.Kumar.. Researcher from India.. hahhahaha 

One day travel Route la sgt kan...

Most of the people will come again, me? maybe but not rushing hiking.. i need to enjoy the scenery and took picture as much as i can.. hahahha... We slept one night at the hotel top of the mountain and.. the next day.. again hiking for home.. memang menguji kesabaran..

Friday, December 7, 2012

Asia Pacific Radiation Chemistry Symposium 2012

After had 3 day at Shanghai, i move to Huangshan, Anhui for Asia Pacific Radiation Chemistry Symposium. Its 3 day Conference. This is 1st International Conference I present my research. It a good Symposium for me because I met most of the Radiation Chemistry Expert from all over the world.
Again.. I met Prof Olgun Guven from Turkey. Since i met him Mei 2011 at ARTI, Korea,  He always be with me to inspirited me in my research work. I so excited, I had a opportunity to discus all my research problem, my future research. Hope to see you again Prof. 
Me with Prof Guven
With other Radiation Chemist

Me.. During the presentation.. hehehe.. with my Baju Kurung..

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shanghai 2012

Again.. Its a month ago, I went to Shanghai, China. Actually, I took Shanghai as transit to Huangshan for Asia Pacific Radiation Chemistry Symposium. I will write about it in other post. On 27th Oct, Girl and i went back home to celebrate Aidiladha, then around 8.00pm i ask my cousin, Razin and girl send me to KLIA. Its really tired. My flight at 0145 28 Oct. So while waiting for the flight i just stay at Golden Lounge. 

Once arrived Pudong Airport, I just mingle around the airport and find a postcard to send back home. That another things i will do every time i travel. The Shanghai trip, a trip that i really pray to be reality. I came to visit my dear Dr. Ma Hongjuan aka Ma-san a Shanghai girl that i met at Takasaki.

 I stay at a  hotel near by Ma-san house. I spend 3 day 2 nite at Shanghai. I visit a few of famous tourist area at Shanghai down town. Shanghai its really a busy and harsh city. But, its still a nice place to visit. 

Nanjing Road

 Ma-san and i in the Shanghai Metro

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Phuket Trip

Its September 2012 trip. I know maybe its too late to write about this trip, but i think this trip is one of the important event in my 2012 life. This holiday suppose to be Girlfriends Trip. But.. finally only girl and i managed to make it reality. we took difference flight due to the work commitment.
Once arrived, girl as for hard rock cafe

Then.. shopping at Bangla Road. Look at her face.. happy

Next day, Island for Snorkeling.

Raya Island.

 As girl love to have holiday at Sea/Island, Phuket is one of the best place to visit. Next Trip girl?

Friday, October 26, 2012

MSc Graduation Day

Finally.. i on the stage of 40th Convocation of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia last 21th October 2012. I Graduated together with other 4 Material Scientic. I know.. I should write more to acknowledged to everyone who help me for this achievement.
Thank to Allah for the bless, to My Family, To My Love Supervisor Prof. Dr. Sarani Zakaria and all the person who encourage me to finish this research.

 With Andrea, JoJo, Saiful, me and Elly.. Congrat dear!!!

With My Supervisor and Sui Pin

Lasr.. After the convocation we celebrate at Restaurant Hadramuth, Bukit Bintang

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another Big day in My life

October 2012 is the hectic month. Everthings... and the best part most of my dream come true. Allamdulilah. Now Azillah at Krakow, Poland attending IRAP conference. I know u will enjoy your trip there.I just coame back from UKM. Collect robe for convocation. I going on the stage on 21th Oct at 1.30 pm. I will try to write a few entry and schedule it. Seriously, i can't update my lovely blog during weekdays.. so before all the sweet memory becoming old memory. i should write it.
Purple robe for FST, UKM

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dr. Aziah ans Zaki Big day

Again, this entry already in draft mode for 3 weeks. I dun know why recently i flated  once i home. There many interesting things happened. I continue with Aziah n Zakie big day. It happend at Dewan RISDA Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur last 1 Sept 2012. We wore yellow dress.  
 On the way to Hall
The Twin in de House

My schoolmate..

Congrat..May Allah Bless you all.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dr. Aziah & Zakie wedding : Nikah

This entry had been in draft mode for 2 weeks. I really want to write about it. I dun hav enuf time. look really busy yeah.. but actually i not really well, so in that condition my body need rest.. so i sleep,sleep and sleep.
This entry is a about another GF, Dr Aziah and Mohd Zakie solemnization. GF theme was in purple. I didn't prepare new cloth, just wear purple kaftan which girl bougth for Sue's Wedding. 
Congratulation for both of you
Hantaran : Cake from Deductable

Dr. Aziah

With Beloved Gf

We love u Yah..


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Work.. never end

Nobody can predict correctly what will happend. Only Allah Know. That y i never giveup to get what i want. Even last minute try and because of that my work/task never end. Since moved to new group, i need to set up laboratory. My new bos ( Group Manager) hav their own fund. So the work is focus for her research fund milestone. The other best things happended, i get new patner in working. Azillah. So now and so on. I will always mention this cute girl with cute name Azillah. Ok. Write somethings about this Azillah.
The left is Azillah..
Azillah in age, she my senior la, but working i senior a few month. Seniority is important work in Goverment. Once she report duty at Nuclear Malaysia, she been asigned to training deparment. so i dun know her name, only know her face once bace ikrar. teruk betul kan. Mother with 2 handsome son is very patient. there many critical situation (work) she become the heroin. Yup sometime i think she my heroin, avoid myself to involve in any stupid argurment. ahahha. I always surrounded with smart people, she Japan Graduate, stay  at Japan for 10 years. Delivered the baby there. Ha? hehehe Her kids will speak nihon-go once awhile. Yup.. I arealdy become Unty Fath with her kids, Halfy and Halqy (2H). This 2 H seriously budak baik. But.. sometime quarrel.. normal for kids life. Some time, i help Azillah pick up her sons at transit, once when we hav other activities after work. Yey.. sometime we so shopping together. hahahhaha.. Husband (peja).. i can't said alot.. but as i met Peja.. silent type and the face look hardwoking. hahahhah.. that all..  to azillah: if you read this entry..  i jst write  to share the best part in my working live, one of that is you!
and.. finaly.. fatahiyah