Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas at Singapore

Last Wed and Thurs i need to attend meeting and doing some chemical analysis at UTM Johor Bahru. Since Thuesday is Christmas Holiday, so I took girl to JB. So Monday Afternoon we move to JB. So we will hav enough time for Singapore trip since girl need to be at Office on Wed. Hahaha.. Rushing trip but still enjoy. The purpose to go Orchard Road  to buy Bimba and  Lola Handbag. 

Girl in the middle of crowded Orchard Road


Bimba & Lola Boutique at Ion 

Ok... This is Lan.. the one accomapy us to Singpore.. but finally dia giveup  and lepak tgg ktorg yang jalan mcm kura2.. hahah

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