Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shanghai 2012

Again.. Its a month ago, I went to Shanghai, China. Actually, I took Shanghai as transit to Huangshan for Asia Pacific Radiation Chemistry Symposium. I will write about it in other post. On 27th Oct, Girl and i went back home to celebrate Aidiladha, then around 8.00pm i ask my cousin, Razin and girl send me to KLIA. Its really tired. My flight at 0145 28 Oct. So while waiting for the flight i just stay at Golden Lounge. 

Once arrived Pudong Airport, I just mingle around the airport and find a postcard to send back home. That another things i will do every time i travel. The Shanghai trip, a trip that i really pray to be reality. I came to visit my dear Dr. Ma Hongjuan aka Ma-san a Shanghai girl that i met at Takasaki.

 I stay at a  hotel near by Ma-san house. I spend 3 day 2 nite at Shanghai. I visit a few of famous tourist area at Shanghai down town. Shanghai its really a busy and harsh city. But, its still a nice place to visit. 

Nanjing Road

 Ma-san and i in the Shanghai Metro

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nice story..im very interesting about yur education and also u work at LKTN. i have a lot of question about kenaf and if u ok we just PM.tq