Friday, December 7, 2012

Asia Pacific Radiation Chemistry Symposium 2012

After had 3 day at Shanghai, i move to Huangshan, Anhui for Asia Pacific Radiation Chemistry Symposium. Its 3 day Conference. This is 1st International Conference I present my research. It a good Symposium for me because I met most of the Radiation Chemistry Expert from all over the world.
Again.. I met Prof Olgun Guven from Turkey. Since i met him Mei 2011 at ARTI, Korea,  He always be with me to inspirited me in my research work. I so excited, I had a opportunity to discus all my research problem, my future research. Hope to see you again Prof. 
Me with Prof Guven
With other Radiation Chemist

Me.. During the presentation.. hehehe.. with my Baju Kurung..

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