Monday, December 31, 2012

My 2012

Happy New Year. I write this entry to summarize my 2012. 12 months in 2012 was very challenging days. my 27th years old spend to make sure my career in a proper way. I spend first 3 month at Takasaki Japan. Started my new life in Kajang/Bangi from April to December, the most critical parts.

Last day at JAEA Takasaki Japan.

Once home, i really lost. Rearrange my room, my office, my laboratory works and of course my relationship. 
Before i flew to Japan, we just move back from level 9 to level 8, i don't have enough time to clean my room. so everything messy including all the shopping items from Japan. The worst part, i need to find all my office  Malaysia Government Office Entire. Life in the office really sucks. I have to start in critical situation. My confirmation was suspended due to the discipline problem? discipline, I knew i not the one who is very obey to the simple rules, but i do my work. I have change my group in the office and change new manager who know how to appreciate my works.
Erin, Aween, Me and Azillah

My fields work at Lembaga Kenaf & Tembakau Malaysia, Kelantan

 Starting work in new group is very interesting part, i start my work with my skills. Optimize the knowledge that i have. The office environment now is really what i want it to be. Have a good teams, good leader and good guider. Thanks alot to my partner Ms Azillah Fatimah, My new group leader Dr. Jamaliah Sharif and my guider Prof Olgun Guven. You all make my 2012 interesting year.

My Love My Girls Friend

Girls Friend and Partner on Labour Day 2012

Congratulation to Sue, Aziah and Pdah for your Pregnancy. Congratulation to Mok for new baby, Anas.  I dun mind boys or girl, but i wish you all will have happy marriage life which is i dun know how it work. Congratulation to Uyun for the Engagement. and last Congratulation to Eda for her MSc graduation which we share save stage at UKM.Oh.. Welcome to Mr. Zaki (Aziah Husband) to girlfriend world, i hope u already can adapt or absorb our environment. 

 Abg Azim ( Cousin Paternal) Wedding

Can u see which one is my Brother?

Nothing special event in mu small family beside Graduation day , my MSc and My Navy brother passing day. Cousins Wedding all over the year. Abg Jamil, Norjannah, Abg Azim and Qistina ( Cousin Daughter). 

For my relationship is very sensitive issue, i knew i have a good family, good friends good career but i never have a good relationship. I do pray for this thing but i know Allah know the best time for me to have it.
For 2013, nothing much i can plan beside my career. If everything in place 2013 will be another hectic year in my career life. 

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