Monday, December 10, 2012

Huangshan Mountain Tour

Google this place... Its really awesome. In the last day tentative APSRC at Huangshan is Discussion day and they plan we walk (hiking) and discus..  i never do hiking in my life, i only organize hiking trip to Gunung Ledang back my university life. Last Girlfriends trip hiking to Broga i still in Japan and finally.. i do hiking at Huangshan Mountain China with Radiation Chemistry Community.. hahahha 

Starting Point.. still bergaya

Hiking together with Iwamatsu (i knew him at Takasaki) and Fong-san (Thai girl doing her PhD at Tokyo University)

Took Cable car..(Around 30 min) 

Can u see the track.. Its more than 8 km up and down..

Finally.. i not really good in hiking.. this guy name Toigawa ( MSc Student at Osaka University) walk slowly with me until the hotel.

and Dr.Kumar.. Researcher from India.. hahhahaha 

One day travel Route la sgt kan...

Most of the people will come again, me? maybe but not rushing hiking.. i need to enjoy the scenery and took picture as much as i can.. hahahha... We slept one night at the hotel top of the mountain and.. the next day.. again hiking for home.. memang menguji kesabaran..

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