Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Work.. never end

Nobody can predict correctly what will happend. Only Allah Know. That y i never giveup to get what i want. Even last minute try and because of that my work/task never end. Since moved to new group, i need to set up laboratory. My new bos ( Group Manager) hav their own fund. So the work is focus for her research fund milestone. The other best things happended, i get new patner in working. Azillah. So now and so on. I will always mention this cute girl with cute name Azillah. Ok. Write somethings about this Azillah.
The left is Azillah..
Azillah in age, she my senior la, but working i senior a few month. Seniority is important work in Goverment. Once she report duty at Nuclear Malaysia, she been asigned to training deparment. so i dun know her name, only know her face once bace ikrar. teruk betul kan. Mother with 2 handsome son is very patient. there many critical situation (work) she become the heroin. Yup sometime i think she my heroin, avoid myself to involve in any stupid argurment. ahahha. I always surrounded with smart people, she Japan Graduate, stay  at Japan for 10 years. Delivered the baby there. Ha? hehehe Her kids will speak nihon-go once awhile. Yup.. I arealdy become Unty Fath with her kids, Halfy and Halqy (2H). This 2 H seriously budak baik. But.. sometime quarrel.. normal for kids life. Some time, i help Azillah pick up her sons at transit, once when we hav other activities after work. Yey.. sometime we so shopping together. hahahhaha.. Husband (peja).. i can't said alot.. but as i met Peja.. silent type and the face look hardwoking. hahahhah.. that all..  to azillah: if you read this entry..  i jst write  to share the best part in my working live, one of that is you!
and.. finaly.. fatahiyah

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