Monday, November 21, 2011

When everyon talk about 'bola' and i blurrr

Of course every one know Harimau Malaya won at Sea Game 2011, last nie while gurl skype me and updated a feww hot story suddenly

Gurl : ok la kak.. nnt smbg lg.. bola nk start..

me : bola?

Gurl : iyer la.. Malaysia lwn Indon la.. final..Sea Game

me: ko nk pe tgk kt mane?

Gurl : umah jer la..

Stright away offline the skype......

Since when gurl tgk bola.. klu dulu farhan nk tgk bola and ktorg nk tgk af.. bleh x jadi dating la kn. but now she watched football alone with the cats.. Even my girlsfriend whatupp silent.. but when the critical moment, become 'pasar malam' and again.. stress...

When i woke up this morning and look up the fb... and finally.. everyone wish and happy to harimau muda team.. ok.. u know.. i blurr... because i didn't watch and i did know what happened.. and i have to go work..

The TARRI become yeloww..

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hafrawiey ozakawa said...

malaysian so bez!!!!semangat giler..

p/s:done follow here.follow back