Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Letter for Prof Olgun Guven

I met this Prof. during training at Korea last week. he so awesome.i always waiting for his lecture coz i easy to understand his english rather then others. he is 64 year old bur he didn't look like his age. very energetic and full of amazing knowledge in ionizing radaition.Prof. Dr. Olgun Guven is a prof at Polymer Chemistry Division, Department of Chemistry, Hacettepe University.

1 st day in the class i felt so not confident to ask question coz i dun know, it because i new. 1 year. what u aspect. but he he very nice to me, he answers my question at anyplace event in the bus to get our meal. hehehehe. 5 days..

Dear Prof,

U inspire me to learn more in this area. it is very tough for me before but u make it very interesting now.i wish i can learn more from you. i wish i can be like u. event i am not genius. like u, but i will work hard to make this field mine. i will miss you and wish to see you. there alot of Question to ask.

With Prof

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