Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A tribute to the Korean

Representing Malaysia as a young researcher in the field of Radiation Polymer at ARTI, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute(KEARI) one of the best part of my Career.

IAEA/RCA Training Course on Basic Radiation Processing of Polymer and Recycling of Polymeric Waste by Using Radiation Technology 23 -27 May 2011 Jeongeup, the Republic of Korea.

1st day .. i felt excited to attended the class, the event started with
opening ceremony by director of ARTI. I will tell part by part.. everything very interesting. U are international delegation's.

Ms Siti Fatahiyah (Malaysia) and Mr. Iqbal (Malaysia)
1st Lunch Restaurant, Tita (Indonesia) Nazia (Bangladesh)

My 1st Lunch at Korea

The 3 amazing People in Radiation Polymer

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