Sunday, May 1, 2011

Induction 1/2011

Hoooolaaaweii... rase mcm nk tercabut nyawa. 12 day without rest. 6 am to 11 pm everyday. It held at Golden Beach Resort n Hotel, Pulau Pangkor Perak. From 18 April - 29 April. Soo many ups and down. Thanks alot to urusetia from MOSTI, En. Firdaus. 1st day ok la. 2nd day.. it my birthday. i admitted Hospital Desa Pulau Pangkor coz of food poisoning. Klakar la juga, nkwat mcm maner. sakit kn. Not much i tell coz i get fever now.

At ward hospital desa pulau pangkor
Celebrate my birthday.

with Arniza.. she my schoolmate now meteorologist.

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