Sunday, November 14, 2010

TableTennis Vs Fath

This weekend made my day smile. i represent Nuclear Malaysia in TableTennis Tournement. Organized by Kimia Malaysia. It also know as Sukan MOSTI. It happend when i heard they tranning for this games last Friday. I just came and have fun, suddenly En. Nazrul asked me whether i can play or not, of couse la not kn and he sawme playying and he said we were lack of ladies players. so he put my name in the list. OK. i insisted gurl to followed me to the tournament. The games took place at Dewan Bola Tampar MBSA, Seksyen 4 Shah Alam. It a long day for me since i not enuf sleep. But after finish the 1st round we qualified for semi final. OMG.. I so suprise because they are another 5 team in my group. we are 1st runner up in my group. but we lose at semi final but we win for the 3dr place over MOSTI team. Ok Nuclear Malaysia team at 3rd place!

Maya, CC azimah, Me and Miemie.. Our team after win the 3rd place

May, me and miemie the next day recieved the bronze medal..

I told my mother that my team at the 3rd place, my mother said.. u beat team 'org cacat' that why u win.. hauhauhauha

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