Friday, November 5, 2010

Nuclear Malaysia Innovation Day 2010

Also 1st time attend this innovation day, but this time the event were open for public. alot of student from school come to see the facilities and the innovation happened?on going in Nuclear Malaysia. There were two research get into this competitions. and finally.... WE WON THE GRAND PRIZE. Congrat to En. Hilmi, Samsul and the group. We won 1000Myr. event i didn't dothid research, i still get the portion from the grandprize. Thanks en. Hilmi.

The Group of researcher who won the grand prize.
with Young and energetic Nuclear Malaysia researchers

with salzali.. Material researcher in nuclear malaysia

last but not lease.. Gurl with the trophy. she felt the excited more than us!


ZaCk said...

I like this post.. cause.. my pic in there.. hehe.. its look nice.. thanks..

Anonymous said...

malaysia student is stupid,,,,,

Anonymous said...

pelajar malaysia bodoh,,,,pelajar malaysia tak faham math n fizik,,,, pelajar malaysia bodoh,,,,