Saturday, August 28, 2010

Buka Puase

Long time didn't update this blog, i would like to combine about beautiful breaking fast with all friends.

1st at my Office, Malaysia Nuclear Agency, This is my 1st year here, and very excited to bring farhan and gurl to join us. Early warning for farhan to cameback early.He manage to did it, I love you baby! and thanks to gurl also because choose to follow me rather than go with kak long. but i so suprise because am like the one representative of RO from my division, not even my manager my director also not around. the food not so extractive.

we didn't took many pic,gurl and i

2nd, with my mahaad muar x-schoolmate. since last last it happended at Shah Alam, now turn Bangi become the 'tuan rumah'. WongSolo Restaurant at syeksen 9 Bangi. But the foo sooooo Hot. Af couse la farhan like it so much. Thanks to Ieda as a organizer since dia pn mcm mls2 jer..

Wong Solo Restaurant, Bangi

Thanks to Prof Md. Ali bring us Break fast At Senja Restaurant, The Saujana Subang. He is gurl supervisor and very smart, iyer la he is the only Accounting Prof at UPM. Tha foods very nice not reallu crowded and the surau also near any very convenience.

The food server in stall concept

See The Kambing Golek! Farhan Love it so much

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