Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vitiligo and Phototerapy at HKL

Ia... sy ader vitiligo since 2 years ago, and coz of my mother very concern about that, i need to get phototrerapy (UV A), at HKL twice a week. now dh almost 10 times berulang Bangi-HKL. Mula2 my manager quit not supportive since it twice aweek and will disturb my work. but lucky my director give that permission. when i there,i feel thank full because among of them, my vilitogo is the smallest, at endorse by the Miss Ann the phototrapist there, and she said mine because of cosmetic effect, yup.. i get if because one of the cosmetic contain whitening essen (it a branded, not cheap cosmetic). My mother sometimes condemn me because of this, but i keep it as challenging in my life. But, somepeople x perasan because i slalu put some concealer on it.. and because of this i learn make-up since itnever be my concern. huhuhuhu.. This trearment once become blister, it very pain and i can't go out under the sunshine, now it increase the dose to 12min and can increase up to 20 mnt. Sure after that, muka jd panas and i must remember tu put the sunblock, if not sure over expose and blister again.

Last Friday, Boring and i took some picture to upload here

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