Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1st Bersahur and berbuka..

Bersahur dan berbuka. It a compulsory for Muslim during Ramadhan. 1st day sahur and berbuka, i alone because Farhan went back to Rantau. And 2nd day, missed sahur and berbuka at Tony Romas at Pavilion with Fairul Farhan. Iyer la, last site farhan at Grand Hayyat, and the parking park just next Pavillion, and i the one yg kne meredah jam dalam hujan. and i nerver get the oppoutunity to berbuka puase bersama Farhan. I hope there will a series of berbuka puase with friends so that i can bring farhan and fadhilah together.

Fried Mushroom and drinks for starter

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