Wednesday, July 21, 2010


After 3month working, i took 2 days leave, purposely nk siapkn my thesis writing, but dont know the result. but i still wake up like usually, but alot of leisure time. termenung2.. i dont know why i not really happy this work. but this is what i want to be. i should muhasabah diri and plan again what should or shouldnt i demand from my career. may be i forget about relation with people and the birokrasi of gov policy. Sincerly, mmg i pernah bertegang urat with my division manager, he never plan for my future work, sometime the task he ask me to do something i dont know the value, but i done it, still cant see the value. NOW really demotivated and i should fine the best way to re-motivated myself because i need to spend more than 30 years working here.

Always keep smile in every situation

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