Thursday, January 27, 2011

Started busy year 2011

Really exhausted! just come back from Prot Dickson. Retreat for Compendium R, D & C MOSTI. AMG like other editor, we put on weight coz we just sit ( doing the editing stuff) and ate. The food was not so good but coz alot of reading and genarate ideal we managed to ate more that we should . Good team members, Zaredah, Mahdi, Ben, Husam, Fairuz and myself. These Nuclear ROs very talented and will be the heart of NuclearMalaysia.

In the New DG speech, What related to me?
i) Community Project - Install Biogas at least 7 units
ii)Publication constrain - Need to ..........???

i)...... ii).....

Actually i cann't think properly... just want to drop some words on my lovely blog....

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