Friday, April 15, 2011

My Career

This month, I worked a full year in NuclearMalaysia. Too many happy and sad things happened. I can deal with reda'.In calculating days to complete the 26th year on April 19th, I received an email from those who want to offer me employment.

moved from government to the private sector. Its International oil and gas company, which offer much more better in terms of salary. but I need to keep the hearts of those who are very happy when I get offer in the government sector and the position I have now is not a position that is easily available.

If money is not treated article will be enough. I am still grateful for what I get. I what i need to think that caused some to reject this offer are the people who work with me now. and what would happen to me if people who really supported me going.

Results should be given as soon as possible. I need to put priority to those who love me, and what I want to just see them happy because that is my joy.

jump from laboratory work to management?

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