Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Mother wish

Oh.. i just know 2 cousin getting married in 2012. so erm.. just remember my mother. last time, when we talk about our married ( kak long, girl and i) she pray to Allah, give her good health until her daughters wedding. I know she get more pressure and insist us to married. what to do. Farhan left me before i fly here. i have no 'guy' to married, and no 'guy' propose me.

Pity to my lovely mother. but mama u should pity us, no one propose to married us. i don't want to think about this again. to many entry about married. please. i pray day and night for this important thing. My 27 year old age is not the issue, but my mama age, 59 and my father age 66 is the big issue.My Kak long, My Lovely Mother,Me and My girl

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