Sunday, January 6, 2013


This is the 1st weekend in 2013. As usually extra sleep for my body. but this 2 day i just spend in my home. Housekeeping for 2013.
Whatspps with some one far any from Malaysia, suffer in the winter. Hahahaha.. Take care.. 
Just to ensure everything in place next week, prepare some proposal which i always take more time ( i am not good in writing) hahahahah..
Read journal.. yup.. sometime if i dun know what do to, i just pick 1 journal and read.. erm..
Best right?  noooooooooooooooo actually i soooo bored.. 

Coffee and Karipap- Tea time at home alone.. 

Oh.. girl is away for her part time job. she work 7day per week.. extra money for better life? no idea..

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