Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Early week at Beijing 2013

Write about the last 3 month life at Beijing. Actually I stay at the International Lodging for Foreign student PKU. The price 100 RMB per night. Share bathroom with another housemate and no KITCHEN. Imagine can't cook.  But i allway take my small ricecooker incase desperate to eat rice. 
 11 Floor. yes my room at 11 floor

First 2 week, my bos aka Dr. Jamaliah also here for her Scientific Visit. Visit the Grafting lab at Peking Universiti. and during the weekend. We took a train for sightseeing. First place.
Tienanmen Square and Forbidden City

 The Tienanmen Square Entrance

 One of the Palace. Its very bo\ig and u need to spend your one day.

The 2nd weekend the student took us to the Palace of Heaven. why i request this place? because of the wood architecture. This Palace little big smaller but still big and it raining. 

My bos me and the Students

Fatahiyah in action

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