Sunday, January 12, 2014

Peking University

Three month at Beijing is really new experience for myself and also my research. Competed with MSc and Phd student at Peking university really made me felt grateful. Some of them, met their family once a year. 2 weeks in a year. 1st ranking China's University means all the student is the best student from every prefecture. But am i not the best student from my prefecture!
Since I enjoy the Beijing Summer Holiday at the campus, everyday groups of tourist came visit this university. I wonder what they want to see, but actually it more to motivated the kid to study hard.
last day at Peking University, i spend my evening visit the famous park inside the university. this university is not open for public due to the security issue.

 West Gate

The tower.. landmark of Peking univeristi

 Administrative Builings

Since the universiti is very big... this kinf girl, Ma Rongfa took me with this small electric moto. hahhaha

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