Saturday, March 19, 2011

GOOD days verse BAD days

GOOD days
sleep early..wake up early..
know what to that day

get some
'attention' from love

BAD days
sleeps late.. wake up late.. sure la RED in my punch card
do know what do to... then feel sleepy

LOVE ignore.. may be he forget about me

This things always happend. End of the day, i always ask to myself whether Good day or Bad day. Normally if Bad day, i felt it early, after the bad thing happened.
but, at this age this thingsverryyy effluent my my life and and my career development. i will try to keep myself more realistic. accept anything not mine and reda'

think for the future and believe on myself !

1 comment:

im not perfect said...

rasa klu da lmbat nk g keje,xyah mandi..bsuh muka lbih kurg,trus je pegi..hehe..pape pon jgn sedih2..redo n pasti ade hikmah nyer..ceria2 kan lah hati tu..:)