Thursday, March 10, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore

Again... trip to singapore, unplan trip but this time didn't come for shopping purpose. more to spend time together with my girl. we park our car at Johor Bahru and take a cab to cross the border until queen st. then.. 1st place, of course la Murtabak Singapore at ZamZam Restaurant

ZamZam Murtabak

This restaurant just around Arab St, it like Jln Tar at KL. Of course we bought a few fabric for new collection. hauhauha.. We can get a few fabric cheaper and quite latest design.

After that, we when to universal studio, hauhuahauha.this 2nd time i when there but girl 1st time. she look so excited.

Infront of the trade mark of singapore.The lion

Marina BayHotel


Sue.Mr.Faris said...

sape yang amek gamba korg ?

im not perfect said...

kemain enjoy n hepy lg ek..ajak lah sy sekali lin kali..hahaha!