Monday, August 20, 2012

2nd Shawal

2nd Shawal, we just stay at house while waitinh all my uncle/unties and cousin (paternal) come and visit us. As usually.. The menu of the day look critical when i heard kak long argue about the taste with my mom at kitchen early in the morning. I wokeup quit late, i just need more sleep so i can prepare the meal in good mood. the good mood will generate good taste.
Oh ok.. I just want to share a fews picture taken all the day. Its really tired, but i enjoy met with all my cousins where i just met them once a year. Wish to see you all again. 

 Twin @2nd Shawal


 Unties/Uncles, Cousin (paternal)


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Azillah Fatimah said...

Ko masak apa weh? Nnt masak sekali lg masa jamuan raya..hehe