Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Akid's 1st Birthday with Unties GF

Ush... Akid turn 1.. time so fast.. 1st time i met akid during GF 1st studio photo at Damansara. During that time, akid still fragile, i dun know how to hold him.

While i at Japan, i missed akid's 1st swimming class with GF at my house. While they (gf) upload the pictures.. i just can smile alone.. how the baby love water..

Now.. i think he already reconize a few face around him, so Akid u should know how to differentiate untie girl and i. dun get confuse eh..

 Akid with me

 Akid verry happy with Cik Yah coz Cik Yah promise nk bg friend kt dia soon.. heheh

Akid and Unties GF in Black Yellow

 Here for you dear, Akid.. u already 1 year old.. u should walk.. Gambate...

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